Wilo invests in sustainable energy at Hof site

The Wilo Group is investing in sustainable energy in Hof, the group’s second main production site in Germany.

Wilo's site in Hof
Wilo's site in Hof - Image: Wilo SE.

Construction has started on a local heating network that will be supplied by a biogas plant and a wood chip heating system on neighbouring farms. The Wilo plant in Hof will be supplied exclusively with heat generated from biomass, reducing the climate-neutral site’s annual CO2 emissions by a further 1,250 tonnes.

Wilo is cooperating closely with farms in the immediate vicinity for the project. The biogas plant on a farm to the southwest of the plant is operated with slurry. The woodchip heating system on a farm to the north makes use of wood residues from Wilo production, which are processed into woodchips – around 300 tonnes annually.

“With this construction project, we’re also creating an innovative, safe and sustainable solution for energy supply at Wilo’s second main production site in Germany,” said Oliver Hermes, president and CEO of the Wilo Group.

Last year, Wilo commissioned the H2POWERPLANT hydrogen plant at its Wilopark Group headquarters in Dortmund. “Sustainable energy supply for industrial plants does not mean sacrificing security of supply. Creative solutions are needed,” said Hermes.

Georg Weber, member of the Executive Board and CTO of the Wilo Group, added: “The new energy concept in Hof is climate protection in action. In addition, we’re reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and strengthening the site. Everyone’s a winner – Wilo, the environment and the region.”

The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the local heating network in Hof: Georg Weber (Member of the Executive Board and CTO of the Wilo Group, 2nd from left), Oliver Hermes (President & CEO of the Wilo Group, 5th from right) and Thomas Lang (Site Manager, 4th from right) - Image: Wilo SE.

The Hof plant manufactures sustainable solutions for water supply, sewage disposal and wastewater treatment technology. “The investment sends a strong signal and is testimony to our commitment to the region,” said site manager Thomas Lang.

Last year, Wilo invested in photovoltaic systems at the Hof site and significantly increased the proportion of its own electricity supply. Wilo’s production has been carbon neutral at Hof since 2021, and in all European plants since last year. Wilo’s goal is to make all of its sites worldwide carbon neutral by 2025.