World Water Works' DEMON nitrogen removal treatment system

The Demon system provides reliable performance.
The Demon system provides reliable performance.

World Water Works, Inc., a manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, announces the availability of the DEMON® treatment system for removal of nitrogen from wastewater. According to the manufacturer, the Demon system provides reliable performance and numerous benefits over traditional nitrification-denitrification systems, making it ideal for food and beverage processing facilities that have wastewater streams with high ammonia concentrations.

Traditionally, the Food and Beverage Industry has been a large water consumer, so efficient solutions are always in demand. A Demon system not only reduces pollutants in wastewater, but can also play an important role in wastewater treatment energy self-sufficiency. The reductions in carbon source and energy consumption also lead to reduced treatment costs, which can provide a critical edge for these competitive industries.

Major benefits

Other features of Demon include reductions in ammonia load and, reduced sludge handling volumes, and less greenhouse gas production. More than 30 systems are currently operational using the patented Demon technology, which was based on extensive academic, lab, field pilot, and full-scale experience.

The Demon system features ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), which convert half the ammonia to nitrite. A second anaerobic biological process uses Anammox bacteria to convert the combination of nitrite and remaining ammonia directly into nitrogen gas. This system reduces energy requirements by 60% compared to traditional nitrogen removal processes, eliminates the need for all chemicals, and produces 90% less sludge. The system also features a low carbon footprint – the anaerobic process actually consumes carbon dioxide. The system's patented control strategy and patented biomass separation device, enriches the specialized slowly growing biomass.