Xylem partners with Lorentz on solar-powered pumping systems

Xylem Inc has entered into a global distribution agreement with German solar water pump manufacturer Lorentz to expand the availability of solar-powered pumping systems around the world.

Image © fadi - Adobe Stock.

Under the agreement Lorentz will supply Xylem with solar-powered and solar/grid hybrid pumping systems. In addition, Lorentz technology will be used to augment solutions in Xylem’s existing portfolio, and the companies will collaborate to develop new Xylem products. Both companies will continue to serve their respective market segments and maintain their existing distribution networks.

“Innovative technologies offer new ways to protect and optimize water while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lorentz’s technology is a perfect example. This collaboration provides our customers with new sustainable pumping solutions as they strive to decarbonize and deliver cost-effective, efficient and resilient water management,” said Franz Cerwinka, Senior Vice President, President, Applied Water Systems and Business Transformation, Xylem.

“Moving liquids is a very energy-intensive activity. By harnessing solar power and solar/grid hybrid connections, we can help customers reach their sustainable energy goals using renewable energy. We are excited to join with Xylem to help accelerate the water sector’s progress towards net zero,” said Bernt Lorentz, founder and chief executive of Lorentz.

The distribution agreement excludes the Australian market.