Xylem’s Lowara series has smaller footprint

Xylem launches new pump range with equipped IE5 motors for water supply and HVAC applications for commercial buildings. The IE5 motor exceeds current IE3 legislative requirements.

Building owners want to enhance energy savings by taking advantage of improved technologies, including communications capabilities as well as materials. The pump range is simple to install. The embedded electronic drive called e-SM extends the working area of a pump.

Motor size reduced

The drive also enables the size of the motor to be reduced, resulting in a compact footprint. It delivers power up to 1.5 kW single phase input and can link as many as three pumps. The Smart Pump range can also handle temperatures up to 180°c.

The e-SM drive’s embedded intelligence prevents system shocks such as the water hammer phenomenon, reducing damage. The Lowara smart pump range comes standard with BACnet and Modbus capability for seamless building management system integration in all stand-alone configurations.