Colfax Corporation launches 'Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence' website

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The 'Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence' website from Colfax, contains articles, case studies, glossaries, photos of installations and fact sheets. The 'Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence' website contains sections covering pumping applications in the production, transportation, storage and refining segments of the oil & gas industry. Each section is further divided into subsections with information on how to address fluid-handling challenges in key applications, and their content explores issues industry professionals often contend with, such as contaminants in crude oil, free gas, varying water cuts and temperature alterations necessary for managing process fluid viscosity.

Dennis Hanson, vice president of global oil & gas market development for Colfax said: “The application focus is what sets this site apart from others. It speaks the language of oil & gas professionals as it addresses the challenges of conveying fluids, which is one of the most common requirements of their work. Our staff has significant experience in the business, and we created the Web site as a way to share our knowledge and answer questions.”