IDEX Corp buys Italian diaphragm pump manufacturer OBL Srl

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, OBL has annual revenues of approximately E8.5 million. OBL will operate within IDEX's Fluid and Metering Technologies segment as part of the Water and Waste Water Group of Companies.

“With OBL's strong presence in Europe and Asia, and tremendous capabilities in high pressure pumping, blending and dosing systems, this acquisition creates for us a unique opportunity to expand the effectiveness of a number of core FMT technologies across a variety of attractive end market segments. OBL’s market focus is complimentary, increasing our channel access and providing us with the necessary tools and technology for integrating existing FMT technology into higher value added systems. We look forward to utilizing these strengths through product and market initiatives in the US, Europe and “BRIC” regions,” said IDEX chairman and CEO Larry Kingsley.