Portable milling machine for linear and gantry milling

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Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems’ Climax LM5200 and LM6200 portable milling machines have a rigid, modular bed design allows shorter bed sections to be combined to fit the length of the work area as needed without losing rigidity, and to extend the bed by two or three times its original length.

With just a few simple change outs bed lengths can be extended to 192 in (4876.88 mm) and RAM length to 116 in (2,946.4mm). The machines enable precision milling, drilling and boring to be done more efficiently to meet tight tolerances. Features include reduced friction rail technology for continuous, non-stick slip travel throughout the entire length of the piece being machined; milling head that can be rotated 360-degrees; heavy-duty spindle design, and choice of power units for aggressive milling in any position.

Applications include pump and motor mounts, compressor and heat equipment foundations, exchanger faces, sole plates, as well as other metal pieces with flat and rounded surfaces.