Verder introduces VA25-HP (DA) double acting high pressure diaphragm pump

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The VA25-HP (DA) high pressure double acting diaphragm pump.
The VA25-HP (DA) high pressure double acting diaphragm pump.

The pump offers the usual high pressure pump advantages, such as:

  • stalling against closed discharge, no safety pressure valve required;
  • boosting up pressure to 2x the compressed air pressure; and
  • no need for ancillary equipment to regulate flow at raising discharge pressures.

It also offers:

  • the same maximal flow rate as a standard Verderair VA25 diaphragm pump;
  • double acting, stable and efficient flow; and
  • low to high pressure switch to be more efficient.

It is therefore said to be ideal for filter press applications.

The existing range of high pressure diaphragm pumps, a single acting pump type, deliver fluid pressures up to 2x the supplied compressed air pressure. This results in a pulsating flow, a high compressed air consumption and a reduction of the flow rate of 50%. The VA25-HP (DA) has a switch to change the pump operation from low pressure to high pressure. At low pressure setting the pump operates in normal, low pressure mode with an optimum use of the compressed air. At high pressure the pump boosts up the liquid pressure to 2x the compressed air pressure with flow rates that double the flow rate of the single acting high pressure pump.