While industrial lubricants only make up 1% of plant operational costs, the lack of proper lubrication or application can have an adverse impact on total maintenance costs and downtime. More than half of all maintenance costs are directly related to one of the smallest budgeted items.

One class of non-traditional synthetic lubricants—perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants such as KrytoxTM by Chemours—provides longer lasting performance, which results in reduced wear and tear for machine parts, lower maintenance costs,and fewer production delays, even in the harshest environments.

Parts and equipment generally require more maintenance and capital reinvestment in environments where extreme temperatures and pressures are combined with aggressive chemicals and harsh operating conditions. Traditionally used petroleum-based hydrocarbon lubricants break down and fail at extreme temperatures with pressure and chemical exposures, requiring more frequent machine maintenance and causing shorter parts lifespans. Traditional synthetic lubricants may provide only marginally better results.

PFPE lubricants are proven to provide the broadest benefits, even in the most extreme conditions without breaking down. Using PFPE reduces equipment failure, maintenance cost, parts replacement, and labor costs. More importantly, it reduces production downtime.

Though more expensive than petroleum-based and other traditional synthetic lubricants, PFPEs provide a short payback period and longterm benefits.

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