There is no need to add water to enable pumping.
There is no need to add water to enable pumping.

The PCM Delasco DX series is a peristaltic pump that could minimize water waste.

PCM has developed the Delasco DX series (DX65 - DX80 - DX100) with a technology that hopes to meet the expectations of today’s mining and environment markets as well as the requirements of chemical and new energies applications.

The DX series pumps can run with any type of drive and motor thanks to a quick plug-in- drive system.
Adaptable to any environment, every PCM Delasco DX is shimmed to match pumping conditions. In addition, inherent to peristaltic technology, the pumps can run dry and need no ancillary protection equipment.

PCM Delasco DX series can generate flow rates up to 55m3/h and are also available in duplex configuration. With two pump heads and one single drive, the PCM Delasco DX Duplex series allows to double the flow rate of a single pump up to 100m3/h with the benefits of a reduced footprint, less pulsations and less maintenance cost.