Freudenberg sees strong demand for Simriz FFKM in North America

Sales of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Simriz perfluoroelastomeric (FFKM) compounds have more than doubled in North America during the past 24 months.

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As a result, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has brought on a second shift of employees to help it fill growing Simriz orders. The company is also installing a new FFKM production cell in its Santa Ana O-ring facility in the US.

FFKM seals and gaskets are used in manufacturing processes where there are extreme temperatures, pressures and chemicals.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is vertically integrated back to the monomer and produces 11 different grades of Simriz materials. The elastomer’s patented cross-linking structure, chemical stability and elasticity offer sealing protection under the most aggressive conditions, including temperatures of up to 617°F (325°C), aggressive chemicals and superheated water and steam.

Sales of Simriz 498 have always been steady but they escalated near the end of 2022, when manufacturers in many industries found they could no longer source FFKM from their regular suppliers. Additionally, supply chain disruptions, a lingering result of the Coronavirus pandemic, made sourcing FFKM ingredients difficult.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ integrated supply chain and existing material validation data meant the company was able to offer Simriz FFKM in as little as two days. The company was also able to produce and deliver sets of rapid tooling to several customer within 24 hours using advanced prototyping methods.

“It’s not often you can get top-of-the-line solutions that are delivered fast and are also affordable,” said Jeff Kruwell, Sales Director Fluid Technologies for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. “When other FFKM materials were not available, we very quickly stepped up and supplied our complete portfolio of Simriz compounds to meet customers’ needs. In several cases, this not only saved their production schedules, but allowed them to increase their market share.”

Demand for Simriz FFKM is expected to continue growing, Kruwell added, as existing and new customers continue to tap into the benefits the Simriz portfolio offers.

“The material shortage opened doors for the sale of Simriz FFKM,” added Kruwell. “But it’s important to understand that, even though FFKM supplies are returning to pre-pandemic levels, customers are sticking with Freudenberg and Simriz because of its performance and value. This is a win for customers and for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.”