Selwood and Boerger form new pump partnership

Selwood, the UK rental pump provider, has agreed a new partnership with Boerger.

Borger pumps protected in crash-frames.
Borger pumps protected in crash-frames.

Under the partnership’s first official order, Selwood will purchase 15 custom-designed, positive displacement process-critical pumps from Boerger to complement its existing stock of 5000 pumps for rental; primarily in water and wastewater applications.

Boerger will provide its BLUEline Maintenance-In-Place pumps in three sizes: from 7.5kW up to 30kW; protected in stackable crash-frames.

The 15 new Boerger pumps have been designed and supplied to WIMES specification. Fitted with dry run, discharge pressure and suction monitoring, they are all compatible with SelWatch, Selwood Pumps’ telemetry site monitoring system.

Selwood and Boerger have worked together for a number of years on several key sites.

Mark Bebbington, group technical solutions director at Selwood, said his company is committed to continual investment in its fleet. “Over the years, we’ve seen how Boerger’s macerators and rotary lobe pumps can complement our own stock,” said Bebbington. “This new agreement support’s Selwood’s ability to provide the best possible solutions for our customers, including major water authorities across the UK”.

David Brown, managing director of Boerger UK, added: “Our companies work very well together, with a similar ethos. We look forward to strengthening what is already a very strong collaboration.”