Svanehøj develops fuel pump for LNG-powered ships

Svanehøj is targeting the growing gas market with the launch of a completely new pump design for LNG-powered ships.

The CS (cryogenic submerged) pump is a submerged pump that is installed at the bottom of the tank.

In recent years, Svanehøj has positioned itself strongly as a supplier of long-shaft deepwell pumps, where the motor and other electrical parts are located on deck. The new CS pump, which is being presented this week at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg, Germany, makes Svanehøj the first supplier in the industry to offer both deepwell pumps and submerged pumps for electric fuel systems.

The CS pump is being launched at a time when investments in LNG-powered ships are growing strongly. At the same time, the LNG market continues to grow, driven by a sharply increasing demand for gas in Asia and Europe.


“With the new CS pump for LNG, we are strengthening our position in a rapidly developing market. We will differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering advice that is neutral in terms of technology selection. In this way, we want to ensure that the customer always gets the solution that best suits the specific project,” says Johnny Houmann, director of Sales & Projects at Svanehøj.

Among LNG-powered ships with submerged fuel pumps, clogging of the pumps due to impurities in the gas is a common problem. In the design of the CS pump, Svanehøj has solved this challenge by developing a special self-cleaning LNG filter that ensures optimal flow. Svanehøj has also developed its own electric permanent magnet motor especially for the CS pump.

“Our ESG focus is about developing technical solutions for ships to support the transition to cleaner energy types. With the CS pump, we meet some technical challenges to ensure a higher efficiency of the pump and improve uptime during operation,” said Johnny Houmann.