Participating members from Inpro/Seal’s sales team.
Participating members from Inpro/Seal’s sales team.

The 2016 Inpro/Seal International Sales Meeting was held 12-14 January in Rock Island, IL, where Inpro/Seal’s headquarters and North American manufacturing center is located. Every year, the sales meeting includes a service event to benefit the local community. This year, the Inpro/Seal sales team volunteered at River Bend Foodbank in Davenport, IA, part of the Quad Cities region along with Rock Island.

River Bend Foodbank’s mission is to lead a community-wide effort to end hunger in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Established in 1982, River Bend Foodbank collects food donations from the food industry and donates them to more than 300 charitable community organizations that support the hungry. They are the most cost effective distributor of donated food in the community.

On Wednesday 13 January, 38 members of the Inpro/Seal family filled backpacks for the River Bend Foodbank Backpack Program. Serving approximately 2,600 kids every week, the Backpack Program is designed to ensure that children don’t go hungry over the weekend, when school lunches and breakfasts aren’t available.

In a single afternoon, the Inpro/Seal team packed more than 3,000 backpacks, enough for more than a weeks’ worth of meals. Through some spontaneous competitions, the group also raised $200 for the program, which is enough to purchase 1,000 meals.

“Working with the River Bend Foodbank has been a wonderful experience that has brought our team together for the common goal of making a difference in our community,” said Tim Sexton, vice president and GM of Inpro/Seal. “The most exciting aspect of this service project is that it helps children in the communities where the majority of our employees live.”

Inpro/Seal is a Waukesha Bearings business. Waukesha Bearings is an operating company of Dover.