NCH Europe introduces Mega Fix-IT PW

NCH Europe believes Mega Fix-IT PW is unique in combining irritant free properties with NSF type 61 approval. Meeting the standard means that the stick can be used to make repairs in potable drinking water environments.

Easy to carry and use, the product cures to such an impressive hardness that an engineer can machine or drill the resultant compound and yet it retains flexibility, allowing for expansion or contraction of components. It can be used on most common materials including metals, wood, composites and hard plastics.

Mega Fix-IT PW can be used for pipe repair, in systems containing a fluid with a pressure of up to 150psi. The addition of Mega Pipe Repair bandage would raise this capacity to 300psi.

The newly released product provides an impressive 60-minute cure time, which means maintenance staff can make a repair quickly, before a problem becomes catastrophic. As a result, the end user can keep their system online, stop the spread of damage and extend the life of machinery. It also delivers an initial cure in just five minutes.

“The need for high performance stick repair compounds is common across many key industries, including the pharmaceutical, petrochemcial, water treatment, transportation, manufacturing and food processing sectors. Mega Fix-IT PW not only assists with this but also provides a long shelf life of two years," explained Peter Crossen, VP of NCH Europe's Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform.