Caprari: Extending its service  offer
Caprari: Extending its service offer

Caprari has reinforced its service network to increase the perception of the international pump manufacturer's quality and reliability.

The Italian company's decision, it said this week, was based on 'the need to support a market that increasingly demands a more comprehensive range of products and qualified solutions in complex pumping systems'. 
Caprari's new organisational structure includes the following levels: 'contact point' – for coordinated activities and the first contact with customers/users; 'authorised workshops' – in which repairs are carried out; 'service centres' – in which repairs, installation work, assistance on-site and management of maintenance contracts are fulfilled.
The company has produced a logo to go with the service offering, which, after an initial period of consolidation in Italy, will be extended to Caprari's European and Middle Eastern branches.