HALM’s HEP Optimo Basic circulation pump.
HALM’s HEP Optimo Basic circulation pump.
Until now, HALM, a member of the AUMA Group, has carried out customer service centrally from Germany but the company has now confirmed that it will be taken over by experienced industrial and commercial agents in France and Switzerland.
With new efficiency-enhanced pumps, HALM wants to add more choice to the limited selection possibilities that HVAC wholesalers and plumbers currently have in these two markets.
HALM's core products are high efficiency heating / solar and drinking water circulation pumps, as well as potted pumps for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The range of circulators goes from smaller pumps with threaded connection and max. pressure head 4 m / max. flow rate 2.7 m³ / h up to flange pumps with 12 m and 45 m3 / h.
Drinking water pumps are generally delivered with stainless steel housings, which considerably simplifies compliance with various drinking water regulations.  Also available are condensate pumps for a safe removal of the condensate from gas and oil condensing boilers, which are by far the most used heat generators.
Finally, there are some intelligent problem solutions in the HALM product range. The “translation” control called "Babelbox BB2" is designed for use in heating systems in which an on-site controller pulses a standard pump via the power line.