This conference is all about optimizing with digital technology and participants will learn how to network pumping systems to each other and equip them with sensors to ensure continuous monitoring. There will also be information about which data the sensors collect and which information is MOST important. Topics include how to evaluate the data as well as how to derive measures for process optimization.
Digitization is now making inroads into almost all industrial applications. It allows the monitoring of hard-to-reach systems like pumps using sensors and networking in real time. Previously it was only possible to do selected monitoring through regular maintenance, but now users can check pumps continuously thanks to digitization. This enables shorter reaction times in case of problems or malfunctions and can prevent costly damage and failures in the pumping system.
At the Networking Pump Systems conference, attendees will learn what types of networking exist and how to equip pumps with sensors. In addition, there are numerous lectures on the subjects of data acquisition, data analysis, data evaluation and data security. You will also find out about the opportunities provided by the digitization of pumps and pump systems for process optimization and maintenance. Download the conference programme here.