The Flowserve pumps are designed to operate at the high pressures and temperatures required in the DuPont IsoTherming process, while also maximizing online availability and providing very high mean time between repair (MTBR) required for un-spared, critical service.

The design of the pumps is based on Flowserve’s PR reactor recycle pump, which is used worldwide in a range of residuum oil upgrading processes.

The order also included the Flowserve Online Assurance Monitoring system which enables the end user to monitor the pump’s health and operating conditions in real time. Using web-based tools, the Online Assurance Monitoring system is also designed to enable specialised technical experts from Flowserve to continually monitor the pump and assist with remote and on-site maintenance.
The IsoTherming hydroprocessing technology offered by DuPont Sustainable Solutions is a new market for Flowserve. 

“We are extremely proud that DuPont Sustainable Solutions chose the Flowserve reactor recycle pumps and Online Assurance Monitoring system for this application,” said Jim Quain, president, Flowserve Engineered Pump Operations. “The potential involvement of Flowserve in future applications of the DuPont IsoTherming process represents a new and exciting market for us.”