The valves are suitable for for semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel tools, solar tools, coaters and general high flow (large pump line diameter) manufacturing applications.

They have a smaller profile, and are lighter, lower in cost, and easier to maintain than similar valves on the market, the company says. Lifetime can extend to 1,000,000 cycles for all sizes, greatly increasing system uptime.
The HFVs have edge-welded bellows to prevent out-gassing and virtual leaks, and maximize stroke length to maintain high conductance. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally without effect to its isolating seal performance. HFV valves also can be completely disassembled in the field.
The valves feature a 304 stainless steel vacuum grade, fusion welded, beaded blasted body that resists corrosion and has fewer entrapment areas for high purity. They can be heated to 185°C to prevent process byproducts from condensing in the valve. To accommodate different process temperatures and composition requirements, a variety of elastomer seals are available, including Viton, Chemraz, Kalrez, and Perlast. HFVs are available in sizes NW160 (6 in), NW200 (8 in), NW250 (10 in), and NW320 (12 in).