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Operating & Design CHANGE CATEGORY

Operating & Design features, July 2018

Pressure fluctuations in a centrifugal pump

A Large Eddy Simulation (LES) study was carried out on a centrifugal pump with a vaned diffuser.

Electrical submersible pump system model to assist oil lifting studies

This study presents a mathematical modeling of the electrical submersible pump system, with emphasis on its electrical motor.


A method of predicting the steady hydrodynamic performance of a pump jet propulsor.


A novel impeller design is proposed in order to improve pump efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Variable-displacement vane oil pumps are increasingly employed in automotive powertrains for their efficiency benefits through reduced losses.


Cavitation is a well-known phenomenon that may occur in centrifugal pumps and can result in severe damage of both the pump and the whole hydraulic system.


A Finnish utility installed ABB’s water dedicated VSDs at an unmanned WWTP.


Electromagnetic pumps are widely applied in sodium-cooled fast reactors to deliver liquid sodium.


Centrifugal pumps for the production of tomato paste and juice concentrate.


This paper presents a method for the detection of faults in electrical pumps.


A new hydraulic scheme is proposed to reduce the power loss of a pump in continuously variable transmission (CVT),


A neural network model was established to predict the sound quality of axial piston pumps.


Slipper bearing behavior highly affects pump performance and theoretical models and simulations must be validated experimentally.


This experiment was conducted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's hydrogen test facility.


This project's goal was to predict the breakdown of a critical component in an injection moulding machine – a radial piston pump.


Accurate description of the quick and nonlinear change of the discharge flow rate in reciprocating multiphase pumps is difficult.


This study presents the design and experimental analysis of a thermal water pump coupled with a reverse osmosis desalination membrane.


Analysis of vibration issues with of BB5 coker charging pumps at a major oil refinery.


Two-phase flows (air/water) were investigated experimentally in a radial centrifugal pump.


The coupled rotor-dynamics issue is one of the most important research areas for multi-stage pump systems.


Preventing the tilting micro-motion of the rotating cylinder in an EHA pump is important for reducing wear and prolonging its lifetime.


Effects of mass flow rate and outlet pressure on the performance of three pumps were investigated.


A new approach to a rotodynamic pump design is presented.


This paper analyzes the influence of churning losses on the thermal-hydraulic model.


How one Dutch company is helping industrial plants prepare for the digital age.


Cavitation is a well-known phenomenon in hydraulic machines, but its influence on volumetric pumps has rarely been studied.


Artificial upwelling using airlift pumps is considered a sustainable way of realising ocean fertilization.


A thermofluidic pump driven by the engine coolant heat instead of electric energy was used to replace the mechanical pump.

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Dry running leads to a surge in pressure, flow or overheating that will instigate a pump failure. As a result, the pumping elements seize up on the shaft.




Energy losses induced by tip leakage flow were analyzed using the entropy production method.


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