Future directions for the aircraft piston pump

The review article 'Hydraulic piston pump in civil aircraft: Current status, future directions and critical technologies' has been published in the Elsevier-hosted Chinese Journal of Aeronautics.


The piston pump is the key power component in the civil aircraft hydraulic system, and the most common pump used in the aviation field is the pressure compensated variable displacement type. In this review paper, a basic introduction to the civil aircraft piston pump is presented, including the classification, structure, working principle, design features, and achievements by some research groups. Then, the future directions of the aircraft pump are reported from various perspectives. Further, the critical technologies are analyzed and summarized in detail from six thrust areas: friction couples, noise reduction, inlet boost, thermal management, fault diagnosis and health management, and mechanical seal. Finally, the challenges and limitations of the research on the aircraft pump are discussed to provide valuable insight for future scholars.

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