Performance optimization of PV pumping system

The research article 'Performance optimization of the PV pumping system' has been published in Elsevier journal Procedia Manufacturing.


The solar photovoltaic (PV) pumping system is an application widely used in the rural area to ensure the supply of water utilization for the populations, this system is composed by three main parts; The PV Generator (PVG), impedance matching (DC/DC Power convert + MPPT), and the hydraulic part (coupling of a PMDC motor and a centrifugal pump). In this article we study with simulations in Matlab / Simulink environment the characteristics of a PV pumping system (submersible pump case); the three parts quoted for an overview of the performance of the system, taking into account the climatic parameters (solar irradiance, and ambient temperature), and the effect of the total manometric head (HMT) on the pumped flow rate. In addition, calculate the efficiency of each sub-system; (PV conversion efficiency for the PVG, electrical conversion efficiency for the DC/DC power converter, electromecanical conversion efficiency for the DC motor, and finely the hydraulic efficiency) to deduce the returns from the overall system. In order to validate the simulation, we use the meteorological data of Rosso city, which is a region of southern Mauritania.

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