Rotor and impeller model of eight stage centrifugal pump

The research article 'Model and analysis of rotor and impeller of eight stage centrifugal pump' has been published in Elsevier journal Materials Today: Proceedings.


The present paper studies the modelling of a rotor and an impeller of a centrifugal pump in CATIA V5R19. In modelling the time spent in producing the complex 3D models the risk involved will be minimized using CATIA V5R19. The boundary conditions applied to are referred from API610 (American Petroleum Industry). The analysis is carried to predict the stresses and the frequencies. The data regarding the axial thrust is taken from “Axial thrust in centrifugal pumps – experimental analysis,” Vasant Godbole et al., to find the total axial thrust produced by the impellers and developed a design procedure to nullify the axial thrust.

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