The UK-based manufacturer of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps has seen exports as a percentage of total sales rise from just 15% in 2003 to 40% in 2013.

Now it wants to boost that total to half of its total sales, a figure of about 750 pumps.
“I would encourage all manufacturing companies in the UK to consider exports in their strategic plans,” said managing director Jane Waite.
“Building domestic market share, not always easy in highly competitive industries, doesn’t then become the be all and end all of a company’s future success.”
Flotronic has seen 25% of exports go to Europe but pumps are being sold in increasing numbers across the world to territories including the US, Canada and the Far East as well as the Middle East, India, South America, South Africa and Australasia.
The company is seeing particularly high overseas sales growth in the area of pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical manufacture and cosmetics with the recently developed Minichem and H series generating interest.