The ClydeUnion Academy is open to all global employees, to customers and suppliers.
The Acadamy’s dedicated 250 sq m premises are equipped with four separate training rooms, a reference library, SmartBoard technology and an IT suite to offer employees on-the-job training.
“Since the inception of the ClydeUnion Academy in May 2008, we have spent over £500 000 on courses and training culminating in the creation of the facilities we are launching today,” said Dr Bill Gerrard, head of the ClydeUnion Academy.
“The ClydeUnion Academy is at the centre of engineering excellence. It provides a reference site within ClydeUnion Pumps for high-performance and leadership, establishing Cathcart as an incubator of talent for the business,” said Jim McColl, ClydeUnion executive chairman.,
Glasgow Caledonian University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the ClydeUnion Academy to offer a bespoke ClydeUnion MSc in Leadership and Management. This programme will be delivered in-house by University lecturers and associate lecturers who are being developed from within ClydeUnion Pumps.
“We feel it is vital that our employees participate in a programme of development where they can link their academic studies directly to the leadership and management challenges they face in their daily roles,” explained Frank Barrett, Cathcart plant director.