For the past two years, Amarinth has been working on the design and production of energy efficient pumps aided by a grant from the UKs innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. To deliver energy savings in pumps, Amarinth has been developing a cost effective and rapid process for the design and manufacture of bespoke best efficiency point (BEP) optimised impellers that can be produced on short lead times and at an acceptable commercial cost for use in industrial pumping applications.
When Masdar City approached Amarinth looking for pumps for its water recirculation system to best utilise the clean energy generated onsite from roof top solar panels, the UK company saw it as an opportunity to put the knowledge gained into practice.
Amarinth used its C-Series pump as a base unit for Masdar City. Working with the Masdar project team, Amarinth then leveraged the findings from its energy efficient pumps project to design the most suitable solution for the city whilst still delivering within the required 18 week timescale.
Amarinth managing director Oliver Brigginshaw said: “Masdar City has provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase the work we have been doing to provide energy efficient pumps at a commercially acceptable cost and timescale. We are looking forward to working closely with Masdar City on the project and learning further from it so that we can bring this technology to all businesses around the world. Studies we have undertaken have shown that being able to provide optimised impellers for a specific duty will reduce annual CO2 emissions in our target markets by 17 000 tonnes by 2020 and 110 000 tonnes by 2050.”