The Aquatec THP 12 V dc high-flow diaphragm pump now available from UK-supplier Becktech offers a higher flow rate of 26 l/min, which is 30% more than previous models thanks to a bigger motor. These self-priming pumps are designed for intermittent duty but may operate continuously for hours and can run dry for short periods.

Ideal for a wide range of fluid transfer applications and agricultural spraying, including from a mobile source such as a quad bike and general industrial applications, they can also pressurise water drawn from an atmospheric tank, deliver purified water to a specific point or just increase pressure where required.

The pump’s patented 5-chamber diaphragm and piston design can operate at exceptionally quiet noise levels and with minimal pulsations while delivering powerful flow rates at up to 150 psi.

Units may be controlled by a pressure switch or an external power control device and can incorporate an integrated bypass to limit pressure. The permanent magnet motor is totally enclosed and a range of port fitting options is offered.