The year-long Flowtronex Sustainable Savings Program helps golf courses to purchase a primary pump system component when a full system purchase is not possible due to budgetary constraints. The life of an existing system is extended until a complete system can be implemented.

“We recognise that the current economic climate is tightening golf course management budgets while placing pressure on superintendents to maintain a high-quality golfing experience for end-users,” said Boyd Rose, business manager, turf irrigation, Flowtronex. “The Sustainable Savings Program will help superintendents focus on providing the best service for their customers in a cost-effective way.”
To qualify for the program, customers must purchase a primary component replacement, including motors, control panels or full pump and head. Participants are given three years to purchase a new pump system, at which time the component will be removed from the old system and applied to the new system.
Flowtronex is a division of ITT Corp that provides pumping systems for golf courses, landscapes, sporting fields and other venues.