The Flygt technology will increase the flow capacity of the pumping stations by 25%, helping to protect residential areas from severe monsoon flooding and improving environmental and sanitary conditions in the city.
Xylem’s Flygt Propeller Pumps PL7121 with stainless steel propellers will be supplied to replace the existing pumps at the Aviles and Valencia pump stations in the flood-prone Manila districts of San Miguel, Nagtahan, Paco, Pandacan, Santa Ana and Santa Mesa delivering increased capacity of 18 000 litres per second and 14 000 litres per second respectively.
The pumps will be used to channel local run-off water into the nearby Pasig River, creating a retarding reservoir and helping to prevent flooding in the area.
Construction of the two pumping stations began in April and they are expected to be operational by end of October 2014.