The MPDS enables aspiring engineers to receive training and experience under experienced managers and IMechE qualified mentors. The programme gives students the hands-on experience and responsibilities required to become chartered engineers.
The endorsement provides industry recognition and networking opportunities for candidates as well as lifelong support and development opportunities within the engineering sector.
Godwin Pump managing director Jim Mowbray said: “We have an ambitious growth and development strategy and are acutely aware of the skills gap the engineering sector is facing. We are committed to investing in developing the next generation of engineering leaders for Xylem and are proud to have a differentiated recruiting platform to attract the best local talent.”
The president of the IMechE, Group Captain Mark Hunt OBE visited the Quenington facility to celebrate the accreditation of the programme.
“In my day-job, in the RAF Engineers branch, there is a motto – ‘learning makes the engineer’ and never a truer word has been said. With just that little bit of drive and determination, it’s incredible how far you can carry yourself. I am deeply impressed by the engineering qualities, passion and pride that Godwin brings to the work they’re doing – demonstrating determination and commitment to put personal and professional development to the fore,” said Hunt.