Seko's headquarters in Santa Rufina, Rieti.
Seko's headquarters in Santa Rufina, Rieti.

Italian dosing pump maker Seko is expecting consolidated revenue of around €140 million this year.

Based in Santa Rufina, Rieti, north of Rome, Seko specialises in the production of metering pumps for the cleaning and hygiene, water treatment and industrial sectors.

Founded in 1976, Seko was purchased and saved from bankruptcy in 1995 by an Italian family of entrepreneurs, who turned around the small artisanal company transforming it into a multinational operation. Today the company is owned and managed by  two brothers, Alessandro Folio (president) who is stationed in Asia and Stefano Folio (CEO) who is based at the Italian headquarters.

Over the last 20 years, Seko has built itself into a global player in the dosing pump industry with a CAGR of 20%.

The company has grown from sales of €2.8 million, 27 employees and a single office in 1995, to currently employing more than 1000 people, with 22 fully owned subsidiaries, five production plants and three R&D centres across the world.

Seko remains focused on developing through organic growth and acquisitions. The company's goal is to continue to grow by offering the best product for the changing  marketplace as well as taking the Seko way of business to new geographic areas.