From wastewater and storm water transport to sludge treatment, the Sewatec pump is equipped to meet a multitude of needs. This pump's unique and innovative design offers a variety of industry-leading advantages to wastewater plants interested in a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective way to handle their dirtiest jobs.

Unique sealing technology

The Sewatec pump's flexible hydraulic design excels in a variety of conditions faced by wastewater facilities. Wastewater transport, wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and storm water transport are a few of the pump's possible applications.

A remarkable trait of the Sewatec pump is its unique sealing technology that allows it to operate in a dry environment. Because the pump doesn't require a source of clean water or the recirculation of pumped liquid to lubricate the pump seals, the pump can run dry without damage.

High standards, low maintenance

On top of being innovative and flexible, the Sewatec pump is also environmentally friendly in construction and use.

The oversized oil chamber contains nontoxic paraffin oil, making the pump ecologically friendly as well as long lasting by providing reliable lubrication and cooling for the mechanical seals. Since this well-proven design does not require an external water source for seal flushing or cooling, the pump conserves clean water resources.