Part of the company’s range includes a specialized metering pump from Dosatron that works on hydro power and requires no electrical supply. The pumps are installed directly into the water supply line and are operated by a hydraulic motor which only needs the flow and pressure of water to operate.
The LDT Dosatron pump design has been used for several years in industries such as environmental, hygiene, water treatment, metal processing, horticulture and animal health. Now, the introduction of ATEX certified models means they can be used in explosive environments in industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical.

The hydro-powered volumetric pumps provide high accuracy dosing for use in multiple applications. A dosing piston is driven by the motor and provides a continuous injection of liquid or soluble concentrate. As dosing is proportional to the water flow rate, accurate dosing is assured independently of any fluctuations in water flow rate or pressure.