The webinar will focus on the latest technologies to treat feed and cooling water from natural and process sources and discusses the economics of various treatment technologies focusing on energy use, chemical requirements and capital costs, reuse of process water and operation and maintenance costs and issues.

Ram Venkatadri, global marketing manager in the Energy group of Pall Corporation will focus his presentation on treatment of make-up water and reuse water to provide high quality boiler feed water.

Devesh Mittal, vice-president of Industrial Solutions (America's) at Aquatech International Corporation will discuss FEDI (Fractional Electro De-Ionization) an advanced EDI technology to eliminate the need for rental mixed beds to treat RO permeate.

David G Daniels, principal scientist at M&M Engineering Associates Inc will discuss flow accelerated corrosion.

To register with the McIlvaine Company for the ‘Hot Topic Hour’ on 18 February 2010 at 10 a.m. CST (Chicago time), click here.