The tests showed that the new modified Microluft from Sorubin was able to operate and aerate unfiltered wastewater without clogging the aerator, with all fibrous and solid objects passing through the Microluft and into the sedimentation tank. The results also showed significant shredding of both fibres and solids.
The Microluft’s hydraulics have been modified so that the aerator is able to handle everything normally found in unfiltered wastewater including rags and solid objects like hygiene products. The wear plate also has been redesigned with shredding slots.
Sorubin says that this is potentially the first non-clogging wastewater pumping solution that does not require a support system to remain clog-free.
“With our further developed Microluft, we can now provide energy effective aeration also in very difficult waters. In the summer we are scheduled to start looking for a partner to bring Sorubin’s new, non-clogging technology to the wastewater pump industry,” said Stefan Sandström, CEO of Sorubin.
Sorubin has filed a patent application for the new Microluft aerator.