Testing the PyroLance system.
Testing the PyroLance system.

The PyroLance is a handset that can propel an ultra-high pressure stream of water or foam through materials including brick, marble, concrete and steel plate, allowing fire crews to safely control fires before entering a burning structure.

The niche technology is being tested by fire experts and civil defence teams throughout the UAE, and will undergo live demonstrations at this month’s Intersec 2016, the region’s largest fire safety exhibition, from 17–19 January, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Concorde-Corodex says the key advantage of the PyroLance system is that it gives firefighters the ability to engage fires and cool burning structures through hardened barriers like concrete walls or steel bulkheads, keeping them outside the hazard zone.

The US Navy uses it to control high heat fires in confined spaces within submarines or ships before entering the vessel.

In comparison, conventional firefighting operations require direct line of sight between the firefighter and the fire, and introduce large amounts of oxygen, which places firefighters in life-threatening situations such as the notorious ‘backdraft’ or ‘flashover’.

PyroLance also allows firefighters to control blazes using very small volumes of water, resulting in a highly efficient method of firefighting that reduces manpower requirements, water consumption and collateral destruction.

Click here for a video demonstration of the PyroLance technology.