AG CE High water levels have caused the retaining wall at a bend in the river to collapse, leading the Environment Agency to instruct Severn Trent to make urgent repairs. Abergavenny-based contractor, Alun Griffiths Civil Engineering & Construction, has been contracted to carry out the repairs at a value of £1/2M and hired six 8” diesel driven Super Wispasets from Sykes Pumps to over-pump the river and provide a dry working area for the project team.

Sykes Pumps delivered and commissioned all six pumps to site, along with seven fuel cubes and a complex configuration of pipework totalling 420 m, including both straight and flexible wire armour lengths.

Seen here Sykes Pumps addressing the flood risk to a housing estate in Welshpool to allow for embankment repairs to the River Severn.

Alun Griffiths will run the pumps 24/7 while the project is ongoing as any water ingress during working hours presents a health & safety risk to the team and any water ingress out of hours could jeopardise the integrity of completed work. To ensure that all six pumps operate efficiently in such a demanding working environment, Sykes Pumps is sending an engineer to check and maintain the pumps every two days throughout the programme.

The over-pumping operation is expected to last a total of six weeks, with the water pumped downstream throughout the programme.