1. Trends in electro-Fenton process for water and wastewater treatment
  2. Special Issue of Water Research, on Nanotechnology for Water and Wastewater Treatment
  3. Filtration demonstration as reverse osmosis pre-treatment in industrial water treatment plant
  4. Review of treatment technologies for water reverse osmosis concentrates
  5. Updated review of methods for boron removal from aqueous solutions
  6. Water softening using microbial desalination cell technology
  7. Vibratory shear enhanced process to treat brackish water reverse osmosis concentrate with high silica content 
  8. Application of membrane bioreactor technology in treating high-strength industrial wastewater 
  9. Role of reverse salt diffusion in colloidal fouling in forward osmosis
  10. Fenton process with microbial fuel cell for enhanced degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater