1. Review of treatment technologies for water reverse osmosis concentrates
  2. Electrochemical removal of ammonia nitrogen, nitrate and carbon from aquaculture wastewater
  3. Corrosion in drinking water pipes: the importance of green rust
  4. Application of membrane bioreactor technology in treating high-strength industrial wastewater
  5. Performance of large building rainwater harvesting system
  6. Vibratory shear enhanced process to treat brackish water reverse osmosis concentrate with high silica content
  7. Role of reverse salt diffusion in colloidal fouling in forward osmosis
  8. Review of mechanisms, monitoring, and control of biofouling in RO systems
  9. Performance analysis of evacuated multi-stage solar water desalination system
  10. Fenton process with microbial fuel cell for enhanced degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater