Wasser Berlin International, an international trade fair and congress on water and wastewater will be held from 23–26 April 2013 at the Messe Berlin.

The conference slogan is: “The innovative concepts, measures and technologies of a forward-looking water industry“. The dominant theme is the concept of a cycle that begins with protecting inshore waters and culminates with the processing of wastewater. Specialist symposiums, attended by high-level industry experts representing research, business and politics, will also be discussing water industry topics on all four days of the fair.

With such a wealth of in-depth information on offer, no other water industry event provides participants with so much useful knowledge as this congress with its highly compact and selective presentations. Full details of the congress programme and a timetable can be found here.

Four discussion forums will provide a comprehensive overview and insight into the latest water industry topics and, with the latest information, will give decision-makers an opportunity to develop their own concepts and measures.

Forum one discusses‘ways of adapting to climate change – the extent and composition of inshore waters’, forum two examines ‘trends in drinking water purification and treatment of wastewater and industrial water’, forum three deals with ‘safe and efficient infrastructure operation and maintenance’ and forum four looks at ‘responsible management within companies’.

The two-day congress will be accompanied by an extensive programme of specialist symposiums.