GIW Industries’ ZW pump features a double-suction vertical design ideal for handling aggressive, abrasive slurry applications. Instead of stopping and starting as water levels fluctuate, the ZW pump's top- and bottom-suction design allows it to run continuously in a ‘snore condition’ to provide more consistent pump action and to reduce pump stress. Additionally, its semi-open impeller design permits large solids to pass freely.

The ZW pump series' primary test market was Australia, where rugged gold-mining conditions require a highly functional, durable and low-maintenance slurry pump. The ZW Pump's high chrome material configuration allows for maximum wear resistance necessary in mining equipment.

Richard Inglett, market manager at GIW Industries, said: “We had a lot of influence from Australia, where this type of pump is popular. Their input was key. They really stressed a double-suction design and market price.”
Applications for the ZW pump include dewatering, floor cleanup, sump overflow and ground-water seepage conditions.