The ITT Flygt N-pump with adaptive N-impeller technology virtually eliminates clogs and reduces maintenance needs and downtime. The N-impeller moves axially upward to allow very large debris to pass through the submersible wastewater pump and returns to the normal operating position, close to the volute insert ring, once the large objects have gone.
The N-impeller vanes feature a self-cleaning design where the backswept leading edges direct rubbish from the centre to the perimeter of the inlet, while the relief groove and integrated guide pin in the volute force solids away from the impeller to be pumped away.
Features of the N-pump with N-impeller technology include high efficiency hydraulics and Hard-IronTM modules for greater wear resistance in corrosive and abrasive applications. The N-pump can pump up to 8,700 gallons per minute, 550 litres per second. Spin OutTM protects the outer seal by removing abrasive
particles from the seal chamber, extending seal life by as much as 40% .
The ITT Flygt pump bearings are selected to provide a minimum 50,000-hour service life and ITT Water & Wastewater’s WebFLYPS software application helps customers choose the optimum pump for each application.