Flotronic's Slimline pump.
Flotronic's Slimline pump.
The company is known for its pioneering air-operated, double-diaphragm ONE-NUT pump design, created by its founder in 1981 and still used today on all the pumps manufactured at Flotronic’s original Ricebridge works in West Sussex. The company remains the only British-owned specialist manufacturer of air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps in the UK.
Flotronic’s ‘ONE-NUT’ design allows quick pump disassembly for inspection, cleaning and maintenance which delivers significant benefits for customers in terms of reduced down-time, particularly as the pump can be inspected or maintained in line without disconnection of pipework.
The company’s ‘ONE-NUT’ design today has evolved substantially from the original and is integral to an extensive range of models and deployment in a huge variety of critical process applications. These include transferring materials as diverse as adhesives, cosmetics, drinks, dyes, food stuffs, hand cream, mayonnaise, paints, petrochemicals and yoghurt as well as aggressive chemicals such as acids, MEK and Toluene. Flotronic pumps can provide constant liquid feeds and pump thin or viscous liquids.
Flotronic’s success in overseas markets is thanks partly to a particularly high overseas growth in pump sales into the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical manufacture and cosmetics markets, with three of its most recently developed products, the ‘Minichem’ - machined from a solid block of PTFE, the 3-A accredited ‘H’ series sanitary applications pump and the EHEDG accredited ‘E’ Series pump generating particular interest.
Fifty per cent of Flotronic’s exports go to Europe, but pumps are being sold in increasing numbers across the world including the US and Canada (25%) and the Far East (8%) - with the remaining 17% distributed to the Middle East, India, South America, South Africa and Australasia.