Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, the German pump and valve manufacturer and part of the US-based IDEX Corporation, are promoting its lined valves and seal-less magnetic drive centrifugal pumps as the products of choice when stainless steel and conventional plastics are not sufficiently corrosion-resistant for the multitude of chemicals carried by specialist tanker fleets.

The standard DIN EN 14432, ‘Tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods – equipment for tanks for the carriage of liquid chemical products – product shut-off and gas exchange valves’ has now been in force since January 2011 and all equipment must now adhere to this European standard.

The Richter range of sealless, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are fitted with integral PFA lining and are Hydraulically optimised with a closed impeller, the pumps are also hermetically tight with no rotary shaft seal.

The integral PFA/PTFE fluoroplastic lining is an anti-adhesive vacuum resistant lining which is easy for CIP (Clean In Place) and can be also used for high-purity and solids-laden fluids with large temperature ranges up to 200 °C (400 °F). In addition, the lead times are much shorter and the prices are much lower than specialty metal pumps and valves.