An approach to fluid handling challenges from Verder

The worldwide brewing industry is expected to reach an annual value of $630 billion by 2015. Despite the simplicity of basic brewing principles, manufacturers worldwide often face a variety of challenges.

Complications like moisture control, consistent quality requirements, maintaining operation of the line throughout the process and difficulties in dealing with fluids containing a high amount of solids, can sometimes be overcome by using smart pump solutions.

Peristaltic pumps are tailor-made for brewing applications and for accurate dosing rates, which solve consistent quality issues. Peristaltic pumps should require minimum maintenance and can be extremely robust as the only part of the pump which is in contact with the fluid stream is the flexible hose so there are no seals or mechanisms at risk of wearing.

Screw channel pumps can handle almost any viscous fluid or slurry and most can provide up to 1500 m3/h flow rate. The screw-channel principle uses a cone-shaped open impeller to 'push' through media, thus preventing blockages in the pump.

The sturdiness of mag drive centrifugal pumps makes them ideal for clean-in place systems, which use strong chemical cleaning solutions. Mag drive pumps are also hermetically sealed and 100% leak-free, thus making them perfect for brewing applications.

The range of possible solutions available to brewers means close consideration must be given to the specifics of the brewing application in question. Tailored pumping solutions, ideally purchased from the same manufacturer, are often the best way to increase productivity, while keeping costs down.