GRUNDFOS presents a system of wireless remote control of pumps for the Russian market

Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

One of the largest suppliers of pumping equipment to Russia the Danish company GRUNDFOS has recently presented a system of wireless remote control of water pumps - GRUNDFOS Remote Management (GRM) that are working thought the networks GSM/GPRS, which allows to monitor and control the work of the pumping equipment in commercial buildings, water supply facilities and sewerage networks from any computer or phone via the Internet.

According to experts of the company the new technology will be highly in demand in Russia, and will help to improve the company's sales in the local market.

"Many of our customers are faced with the problem of "fragmented" installation of pumps: on the different floors of buildings and sometimes even in distant parts of the city. Therefore it is hard to track the work of each pump unit”, - commented Mikhail Borisov, Head of automation and control systems of the company GRUNDFOS.

“Thanks to the GRM to monitor the pumping equipment has never been easier. The user can quickly learns about failures in the system, the pressure drop, pump blockage or reduction of the water supply and can drive the pumps online without going to the place of installation himself” – he adds.