Large Russian oil pumps producer increased exports to Kazakhstan

Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

In 2013 a group of companies Perm Oil Engineering increased volume of sales of oil well pumps by 49% following the rapid rise in the volume of exports of pumps to Kazakhstan, according to the report of the press-service of the company.

Oil well pumps are used for mechanized extracting of oil from wells during field development, and accounting for about 34% of the total production of Perm Oil Engineering. In total group of companies in 2013 has produced and sold more than 3,000 pumps which make it one of the largest producers of oil pumps in the country, according to the information of the company.

"On the one hand we have shown good quantitative growth of in the sector of the production of oil well pumps.” – According to the CEO of the company Vladimir Zharennikov. “On the other hand, the growth has taken place in the context of the general decline in prices for pumping systems on the Russian market. For some types of pumps, there was a decrease from 4% to 27% on year-to-year comparison. " According to Vladimir Zharennikov the cause of the decline in prices is the free trade of the similar products of Chinese manufacturers who have by several times lower tax burden compared to Russian producers.