Russian exporting oil pumps to Mexico

Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

Perm Oil Engineering Company (PKNM) has recently announced that it began shipping the pumping equipment to Mexico. Downhole sucker rod pumps that are specially designed for working in harsh conditions of viscous oil and high gas-oil ratio currently are undergoing technological tests on wells in the town of Altamira in Tamaulipas.

With the positive results of tests that are scheduled to be completed in January 2014 the local authorities will issue the special certificate authorizing the sale of products of PKNM in Mexico in large quantities. In that case PKNM will be the first large supplies of Russian pumps on the Mexican market.

"At the moment there is an agreement with the Mexican company not only on the supply of rod pumps, but also on its services”, - commented the director of the company’s department in Mexico Yuri Chumak. “The plans - to open a center for repair of pumps, with the prospect of manufacturing products in Mexico under license”.

According to Yuri Chumak adopted last week energy reform in Mexico enables technology industry in the country to attract large investments, including foreign. Thus, the state will directly ensure the entry of foreign equipment, technology and investment to the market – he added.