Throughout the year, World Pumps features many case studies, or application stories if you prefer, from around the world. These give examples of how pump technology is provding solutions to the world needs, be it for water, energy, material, buildings, medical, transport to name but a few examples.

These case studies range from the implementation of massive power generation projects or water and wastewater plant refurbishments, to local clean water projects in rural Africa.

We've selected 10 and one more for luck and we invite your comments as to the ones you beilve are the most exciting, innovative and benefiical.

Continuous flow – passing the test How a digital drive gear pump can deliver the slow, pulse-less water flows that continuous flow tests for micro-pollutants require.

Remote controlling water and sewage How monitoring and controlling water and sewage assets using modern telecommunication solutions means quicker response times and knowing the problem is known before engineers reach the site.

Software assisted asset management How software can assist the water industry with investment planning and ensuring compliance with regulations, while faced with increasingly complex regulatory frameworks and expanding assets.

A muddy challenge for oil supply chain Handling the rigours of transferring drilling mud from the wellhead, means not only does the equipment have to cope with the difficult mud itself, but also sand rock and concrete contamination.

Re-powering water reclaim systems How pump manufacturers can help mining companies re-power their reclaim water systems with custom engineering solutions, improving pump capacity and reducing energy consumption.

Aqueduct project uses vertical power How a large vertical pump motor help move the water across a Californian Aqueduct -one of the US’ newest and largest pumping projects.

Progressive cavity series of success How a progressive cavity pump in a water & wastewater treatment plant was specially engineered to feed bio sludge to decanter centrifuge.

Battling the energy crisis with technology How concentrated solar power generation, geothermal power generation and the storage of electrical, energy produced from renewable sources.

Avoiding dry run conditions in plants A teardown, upgrade and rebuild of a critical high energy boiler feed water pump from a US electric generating plants following a cataclysmic event resulting in its shutdown.

Succumbing to effects from climate change How a vertical multistage in-line centrifugal pump came to the rescue of a water shortage crisis in Namibia following the failure of two water pumps, installed at Africa’s Zambezi river.

Sugar milling plant seeks hydraulic pump The need for an energy conserving pumping solution, that would require minimum installation costs and is f flexible in meeting variations in operating of a sugar milling plant in Kenya.